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We integrate elite training techniques, soft tissue therapies, nutrition, detoxification programs, and Chinese medicine (including acupuncture and herbal treatments) in a private environment to help you achieve your physical goals.


We are committed to getting people healthy in a world that has become complicated and confusing to navigate when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Helping you achieve your lifelong fitness goals is the inspiration behind our team's passion for delivering exceptional health and training services.


We strive every day to provide you with the best equipment, information, and service possible to achieve your goals. We continuously strive to improve available knowledge, a conducive environment, and scientific techniques to offer you the best experience possible.


So, you have your gym membership, but you're not sure what to do when you workout? Are your workouts not getting you the results you feel they should? Let us write your programs for you, both training and nutritional, and see those results start to take shape. Dusten Nelson and Rachel Omell have decades of experience in physique transformation and will work with you to assess your needs, design your workouts, and plan your meals, so you are successful.


Variety is an essential variable in achieving fitness goals, so we have developed seven unique group classes that are designed to provide intensity range and a motivating environment that will perfectly complement your personal training sessions; making it easier to achieve your fitness goals and get the body you've always wanted.


Sweat Like Betty (Betty being teenage vernacular for an attractive woman) is a high-energy, women-only, fat loss class featuring a rotation of free weight stations. These stations include deadlifts, squats, chin-ups, and sled drags. Sweat Like Betty is designed to deliver lean and strong physique results in a unique training environment. Weight training is crucial to fat loss, and without it, any changes to scale weight will mostly reflect muscle loss. Sweat Like Betty provides a fun, safe, and motivating environment for women to weight train the right way. We don't care about your ability; we only care that you come to class ready to give your best effort. Our instructors make adjustments to each exercise, making class suitable for women of all fitness levels. So come and experience a weight training environment that is big on camaraderie and breaks through barriers; letting you unleash your full potential. Come Sweat Like Betty!


This men-only training program is for guys looking to boost testosterone, build muscle, and improve strength. This class will push you physically, but not break you. That's not the point. Our goal is to help you, get you fit and get your body moving and burning fat. Wake the Beast uses a variety of classic lifts and workout actions along with some more modern moves to bring variety to class and keep you energized. Traditional lifts like the deadlifts, squats, and chin-ups are paired with contemporary actions such as flipping tires, carrying sandbags, and pushing sleds. In this one-hour training program, we use relative-strength and hypertrophy techniques to unleash your fat loss potential... to wake the fitness beast inside of you.


Core is a recognizable buzzword in the fitness world. It is most commonly associated with the image rock hard abdominal muscles, but the core involves so much more than just abs. The glutes, the lower back, and the abdominals are all integral components of a strong and fully functioning core. We incorporated core strengthening techniques into most of our training programs and created Hardcore to provide additional opportunities for you to develop your core strength. Hardcore is a 45-minute co-ed program blending functional yoga, pilates, and other mat-based exercises into an energetic environment targeting the improved function and strength of the abs, glutes, and lower back - aka 'The Core.'


Stronger is a co-ed training class featuring Modified Strongman Training (MST) program techniques with an emphasis on high-intensity lifts and unique equipment pieces. MST exercises include tire flips, sledgehammer swings, sled sprints, and rope battles, which are just part of this intense one-hour training class. MST is so effective, we incorporate its principles into most of our training programs and recommend that clients do at least one modified strongman training session per week to maximize results. Stronger was designed to provide you with an opportunity to push yourself in a dynamic, exciting, and motivating group setting, getting you the necessary exposure to MST to help you achieve your fat-loss goals.


Core Pilates is a complete fitness system of controlled movements using exclusive apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture. It is also helpful in improving mental awareness and cognition. Because there is a considerable component of breathing, different than yoga practice, Pilates helps to oxygenate your blood; traveling throughout your body and through your brain. We offer Pilates as a stand-alone class or with other courses to enhance our other strength training programs to give you the fullest experience possible while keeping your body safe, flexible and toned. Join us and try Core Pilates today!


Finally, a non-yoga based class designed to improve flexibility and range-of-motion for all types of weight training and athletic performance. Core Flex is a 45-minute mat-based co-ed group class leads you through the 'why' and 'how' of using traction to stretch the fascia and muscle; providing a remarkable change in flexibility. Not all stretching is created equal, though. Aggressive or 'forced' stretching can be painful and counterproductive. Core Flex instructs proper breathing and stretch-wave technique followed by a combination of traction methods. With the use of partner work, straps, bands, and bars to unlock layers of tissue, you will be able to decompress your joints, enabling you to run faster, squat deeper, and repair faster. This class is a fantastic compliment to ANY strength and conditioning program. Try it today!


FST™, or Fascial Stretch Therapy™, is a complete and cohesive system of innovative manual therapy and movement training that rapidly and radically reorganizes, realigns and re-educates the entire body structure.

FST can be used regionally to quickly restore function and eliminate pain, increase flexibility, increase strength, improve lymph and blood flow, and improve neural dynamics. FST is a unique, complete, and complementary system of table-based assisted stretching that focuses on the fascia as the critical element in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.

Ann and Chris Frederick developed this technique on research that examines the dynamic links between muscles, fascia, and ligaments. The way in which FST incorporates these interactions is what makes it so useful. Certified Fascial Stretch Therapists use a variety of assessments to understand the way clients move before developing a treatment plan. During FST treatments, therapists us traction to reduce muscle and fascia tension while providing a stretch from the joint capsule out.

During FST fascial stretching sessions, your body is moved in an undulating spiral and diagonal patterns known as stretch waves. Breathing rates synchronize with stretch waves, varying in speed, creating a direct impact on the nervous system which can induce deep relaxation.

Core Fitness Chicago is the largest provider of Fascial Stretch Therapy in the country with certified Level I, II, and III practitioners.


Active Release Technique or A.R.T. (also written as ART) is a patented, state-of-the-art soft tissue system/movement based on massage techniques. ART treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. ART is used to benefit and repair conditions that arise from repetitive or overuse syndromes, including back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, etc.


Acupuncture is a unique aspect of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), involving the insertion of fine sterile needles in various combinations and patterns to facilitate the flow of Qi (energy) within the body. Each specific organ and region in the body pairs up with a meridian of energy. These 'acupoints' along the meridian can be used to influence the health of the corresponding organ or region. The energy that is used to strengthen a weak organ is added to the selected meridian point(s) with acupressure, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, moxa (heat), or magnets. Acupuncture is most useful for channeling excess energy (ions, electrons) out of the body. Therefore, conditions such as pain, tension, stress, and anxiety respond exceptionally well to this type of treatment. Research has shown that acupuncture boosts chemicals that relieve pain and elevate mood. These chemicals are endorphins, serotonin, and GABA. Acupuncture also regulates cortisol (stress hormone) and immune activity in the body.


Moxa, or Moxibustion, is the process of burning Moxa, the charred herb Artemisia vulgaris or 'mugwort.' When burned on or over the skin, moxa produces a deep penetrating warmth that stimulates and moves Qi (energy). Moxa has been used for hundreds of years to successfully to reduce pain and swelling resulting from exercise and athletics, especially in joints and the back. Moxa is also commonly used on the abdomen and legs for digestive problems and is an invaluable therapy for certain types of menstrual pain.


Cupping is the application of suction cups to particular spots on the body; used to enhance circulation. Cupping, which can be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture, increases circulation, reduces swelling, and allows nutrients to flow into an area while toxins or waste flow out. Not surprisingly, cupping is most commonly used to treat pain, injury (e.g., a sprained ankle), and stubborn stress induced knots in the musculoskeletal system. Cupping should not hurt and though treatments typically last between ten and twenty minutes, 'cup marks' may appear. These cup marks often look like purple or red bruises in the shape of the cup can and last for several days. Though this may sound somewhat undesirable, cupping results tend to show a direct correlation between the darkness of the cup mark and the effectiveness of the treatment.


Personal training is our most popular service where you achieve the most dramatic results over the shortest period. Personal training is just that, training sessions that are personal with only you, the client, and your trainer. Your trainer dedicates themselves to helping only you during your training sessions. They use custom-designed workouts, personalized nutritional planning, and other tools applied to you to help you achieve your overall health and fitness goals.


Some common goals among current clients include fat loss; relieving back, knee, and shoulder pain; improved athletic performance (high school, college, Olympic, professional); physical rehabilitation; and physique competition. Your training goals are the focus of our efforts. We are here to assist you in your journey and will use knowledge, science, experience, and technology to get you successfully to your health and fitness goals.


Herbal Medicine is the Chinese equivalent to Western pharmacology. Following diagnosis, by a Licensed Acupuncturist, an herbal prescription may be recommended; one in the form of a tea, pill, tincture, or externally applied powder, soak, or steam. The formula may contain anywhere from one to twenty different medicinal substances from plants, minerals, or animals. The most common form of prescription is as a tea. Herbal medicine can be used as a stand-alone therapy although it is quite common to prescribe in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. The formula is a way of amplifying the effects of acupuncture and continuing the treatments at home. Unlike Western pharmacology, Chinese herbal medicine uses customized prescriptions for each to minimize or eliminate potential side effects.


Infrared, or Far Infrared Saunas, use infrared light and ceramic tiles to produce radiant heat. Infrared light penetrates the layers of the skin, getting into the tissue to improve blood circulation. It also helps lower blood pressure and aids in Phase III detoxification and relaxation. Clinically speaking, infrared sauna use has been shown to be ten times more potent than simple steam sauna use, in supporting the body's natural detoxification ability.


Results from training sessions are only as good as the nutrition used in support. Appropriate nutritional recommendations are often the linchpin of successful fitness regimens. Unfortunately, this area is also the most challenging in which to gain compliance. To that end, we have developed a nutritional program using five simple steps to deliver profound results. This 5-step process ensures the steps selected are custom to you, your life, and your commitment level.

We also offer nutritional program meetings which are intended to provide you with the information you need to make the food choices for your biochemical individuality. These educational gatherings are an opportunity to present related nutritional tasks and recommendations for dietary supplements and herbal formulas. These recommendations best support your goals and provide nutritional tasks for each session. We expect that by learning what, when, and how you should eat, you will unleash the optimal version of you.


The liver is the primary organ of detoxification and the target of most detox programs. Its central role in detoxification is to neutralize or remove harmful toxins in the body, though other organs including the bowel, kidneys, and lymphatic system all play essential roles. The liver achieves this by converting toxins into compounds that can excrete through your sweat, stool, and urine. This process breaks into three main phases that we will discuss in detail with you during sessions and courses.

We live in a noxious world filled with environmental toxins, those in makeup, lotions, cleaning products, water, and food. Even organic foods have some level of toxins, though they are significantly less in most of these products. Get the point? Toxins are always around us; in our environments, in our foods, in our air, and though the body is designed to get rid of these toxins, we don't always give it the raw materials needed to exist, let alone thrive, in our overly toxic world.


Though it is rare for any supplement to be essential to life, the following list includes ones that are the source of common nutritional deficiencies and can be used to improve the first, most critical intervention, which is your food intake. We offer decades of expertise in the supplementation industry to help you find the right ones that will benefit your workouts and lifestyle.