Train Like Jane


A unique Primal training program designed exclusively for women to address the needs of women living in today's urban jungle

This one hour group training session utilizes primal training techniques to improve: Fat Loss - Core Stability - Functional Strength - Postural Balance 

This program is perfect for women of every fitness level. Our instructors tailor the difficulty of each movement to match the current fitness level of each client.


  • Location 1030 North Ave. Suite 300
  • Parking: Free Parking Garage
  • Packages start at just $25 per class


What’s with the “Jane” analogy?


Think for a moment of the primal environment in which Jane and Tarzan lived.

Jane woke-up in the morning to the rising of the sun, climbed down a tree, walked, swung and climbed her way to a breakfast of nuts and berries by the river.

After breakfast she jumped in the river for a quick swim before going about her daily tasks of harvesting berries, nuts, rock and firewood. After lugging her wares home, she embarked on an arduous mountain climb to visit another village in the next valley before returning home to prepare a fire and roast dinner with Tarzan.


Today, “Jane” lives a fast paced life filled with diet foods, fat burners and low calorie diets. Her nightly escape to the gym provides her with low-level training information, generic group exercise classes and exercise machines that take her farther away from her goals.

The result:

Women consistently say they want to look and feel like “Jane”; a lean and toned body, full of energy and free of stress yet very few women ever achieve this goal. The reality is that our culture continually sells women on ways to breakdown their mind and bodies without providing an accurate map on how to achieve their goals.


How can Jane help?

Lets face it, women face unique physical, emotional and social demands. These unique daily stressors put women at risk for physical and psychological injuries. “Train Like Jane” cuts through the confusion and provides women information to address the unique needs of their bodies both as women and as unique individuals.

How do I start?

It’s easy, simply contact us at (312) 373-7231 and schedule a trial visit to “Train Like Jane” your first session is on the house.