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As a woman in my 50's with multiple sclerosis I had resigned myself to the aches, pains, numbness, and fatigue as part of my age and the disease. After an impassioned plea from Dusten, I reviewed the information that he recommended to get me on the road to better health.

Some of the recommendations seemed extreme and I wasn't convinced I could stick with a strict program.  But Dusten was very patient and convinced me that we could progress at a pace I was comfortable with.

He told me to follow the mantra "Good, Better, Best" when making diet, supplement and exercise choices. 

We started with Metabolic Typing and Biosignature Modulation to select food combinations that were best for me.  He then used Wholistic Kinesiology to add supplementation that worked with my body to achieve maximum results.

I couldn’t believe it, my sleep improved immediately and I instantly started feeling more energetic with less aches and pains. Not only did I feel better physically but my mental and emotional balance improved as well. 

I would have never believed that I could feel this much better but Dusten, the “Feed Your Genes” program and Core Fitness has made me a believer!  I know that if Dusten calls me and suggests a change in my routine it's because he has discovered information and has researched it exhaustively. His goal in life is to see everyone healthy and happy.  That works for me!

Sue - Connecticut

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Core Fitness has turned my life and health around!   I was newly diagnosed with Type II diabetes when we first started our sessions, and I’ve now lost 40 lbs.  At my first major “diabetic” test of my “A1C” numbers, my doctor was amazed to find that they were in the normal range, something I attribute to my fitness regime. My lower back pain is also gone. 

Aside from obvious health benefits I’ve received from the exercise sessions, I’ve also just had fun working with Nicole.  I love talking with her.  Even though I hate exercise, I always have a good time.  She has worked around some of medical issues and injuries and always finds a cheer me up when I get frustrated.

Nicole and Core Fitness use a unique assessment system to customize an exercise plan that work best for me.   They put up with my chronic complaining beautifully and makes me laugh when I feel like screaming.  I’ve haven’t felt this healthy and energetic in years.

I highly recommend Core Fitness!

Karen M. Krowzack - Chicago

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I began working with Nicole at Core Fitness to get in shape to train for my first marathon.  She took my goal and turned it into a comprehensive program to help me move forward.  She focused on my progress and my individual strengths and weaknesses and tailored the movements for me.   She gave advice on nutrition, what I could do between sessions, and made sure I always knew why I was doing certain movements.

Unlike a lot of trainers, Nicole focuses on the individual and not just a standard workout plan.  She has an unbelievable ability to understand how the body works and where it needs to be pushed.

Aside from her training abilities, Nicole is a wonderful person.  She's a great listener and has a fantastic sense of humor that could motivate me even on my most sluggish of days.  She takes the time to get to know her clients and creates an instant level of comfort.

Being a personal trainer goes beyond the gym and beyond the movements.  The trainer has to be friendly, caring, and highly intuitive. Core Fitness embodies all of these qualities and more.  I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a fantastic training experience.

Whitney Middleton - Chicago

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Core Fitness Training and the Feed Your Genes Program have changed the way I think about both food and exercise.  I thought I had to eat salad and run 5 miles every day to achieve my fitness goals when, in fact, neither of those things were getting me the results I wanted.

When I began the Core Fitness program, I was not a believer in trainers.  I thought they were there just to motivate you to get to the gym or teach you how to use the equipment.  But, after working with my Core Fitness trainer, I have learned that the body is a fluid thing and my trainer changes my workout routine based on my body’s changing needs.  

Through strength training and learning about the foods my body can best process, Core Fitness has helped me reach my weight, strength and overall health goals.  They focus on you as an individual and what works best for your particular body as opposed to using a cookie-cutter approach to diet and exercise. This is the only program that has given me the results I want and taught me how to maintain those results!

Core Fitness is not just a training program.  It is a school in changing your lifestyle to achieve a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

Kim Friesen - Chicago

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I am an Emergency Medicine Physician, and despite being in the health field I previously had never worked out in a gym.  A little over a year ago, Ginger at Core Fitness gave me a complimentary training session, and we have been working together since.  She is a joy to work with and I look forward to each session I have with her.  She has an unbelievable ability to push her clients beyond what they think they are capable of, without causing any pain.  Her knowledge of the human body is great and without a doubt enhances her ability to train someone safely and effectively. 

Before meeting Ginger I had worked out three times weekly for a year without any significant results, and after having training sessions with her for just a few weeks I saw major changes in my body - and have before and after photos as proof!

I recently fractured my left wrist, and unfortunately have had to take a break from the gym for a few months.  In the last few weeks I have returned to work with Ginger in the "Hardcore" program, they have tailored the classes to deal with my disability, allowing me to get a great workout even without using my wrist. 

She inspires me to taking better care of myself and push myself to be in better shape - and I am very thankful, and fortunate to have her as my trainer.

Noah DeGarmo, MD - Chicago

Winner of the 2009 Core Fitness 12 week Winter Challenge

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I was introduced to Core Fitness Enhancement from my wife Anne. Thank you first and foremost to my wife.  Brian, you are next and Dusten and Ginger and Cortez and Mike and everyone else on the team that in some way shape or form affects my “experience” at Core Fitness.

The goal of my testimonial is to get others over whatever “hump” is in their lives impeding them from their first week with ANYONE from Core Fitness Chicago.  That is my challenge to everyone who has read to here.  The more time you spend in any gym, the more you appreciate the approach instilled in the Core Fitness trainers.  Everyone on the team cares about your progress and training and after just a few sessions you cannot help but notice the support network of the Core trainers.  This group is collectively dedicated to the betterment of your life and
if they do not have the right answer for your very specific need, they are
not afraid to refer you to another specialist.

I started working out very apprehensive like everyone else.  I didn’t understand the personal trainer / private gym / supplement concept specifically tailored for each person or more accurately, it just sounded too good to be true and almost cliché.  So after the first couple of weeks (only about 2 workouts a week at the most) I started to see results.
Granted, I was now working out more, watching what I eat more closely and simultaneously getting professional coaching on all of the above but “whatever it took” is what I thought.

Have you ever found anything in this world that makes you look better, makes you feel better and provides you unmatched confidence?
It takes 21 days to make something a habit those 21 days go past so quickly and then your routine is set, and so was mine.  Find time to fit in a workout with Core Fitness and you will not be disappointed, I promise.

After a couple of months into my training and all of my clothes felt differently.  And when I say all of my clothes felt differently, I mean ALL of my clothes.  This was truly an experience which I am still living and hope that you all reading this can relate one day if you haven’t already.  The weight loss depicted in the picture of me holding out my “fat boy” pants occurred in about 6 to 8 weeks.  I lost approximately 4.5” off of my waste and some 5.5% body fat with this challenge and I am already excited about the next challenge (but not the photos).
Thank you all!

I am now wearing all of my clothes (and specifically my suits) from almost
8 years ago (in fairness, I actually have to let out the shoulders and bring in the waists now).  The “fat boy” clothes have been switched in my closet with my OLD clothes. That is a surreal process that I recommend you all work towards and hopefully experience some day.  I am really looking forward to shopping for new clothes for the first time in a long time. And if that isn’t a testimonial in and of itself….”excited to shop for new clothes because your body has transformed so much…” I don’t know what is.

This was (and still is) my story.   I look forward to welcoming you all to
Core Fitness family some day. I hope everyone that has read to this point has “heard” my testimonial and if anyone has a question at any time, please call my cell 312.213.4343 and I will answer any question honestly (you have my word).

Good luck Core Fitness we will be there for you every step of the way.  Success is inevitable for you all.

CJ & Anne - Chicago