Wholistic Kinesiology

What is Wholistic Kinesiology?

Wholistic Kinesiology is the state of the art natural healing system devloped by Dr. J Dunn that uses muscle testing to determine your very unique health needs. Because we are all individuals, our health care needs are variable. One size fits all programs often miss the mark. With muscle testing (kinesiology) your underlying health imbalances can be determined easily and painlessly.

What is a Wholistic Kinesiology session like?

Your practitioner will evaluate your entire body using muscle testing. Wholistic Kinesiologists may use diet recommendations, supplementation, emotional work, bodywork or analysis of posture, ergonomics and/or other lifestyle factors.

What conditions does Wholistic Kinesiology treat?

Wholistic Kinesiologists do not treat conditions.  They concentrate on getting the body back to balance and healthy. Many symptoms are resolved in this manner. 

What license do Wholistic Kinesiologists have?

Wholistic Kinesiologists are not licensed health care providers. They have simply completed a course of study.  Under the laws of New Mexico, they are able to practice as long as they do not claim to be licensed health care providers.  As such they do not diagnose disease, treat diseases, prescribe medications, or take clients off medications.

To learn more about Dr. Dunn's system visit the wholistic kinesiology website: www.wholistickinesiology.com