MRT or Mediator Release Testing is at a patented program developed by Dr. Jack Pasula with Signet Diagnostic Corporation.

It is a fact that diet can play a primary role in provoking IBS symptoms. When food intolerance is suspected, the first step is to identify the foods and chemicals causing the reaction.

Unfortunately, this has been one of the biggest problems as doctors are generally not equipped with the tools needed to help their patients identify reactive foods.

It’s still common practice for many physicians to advise their patients to “stay away from foods that bother you”, but then leave it entirely up to the patient to figure out what those foods are.

Food intolerance reactions can be very complex, involving different immune pathways, possible delayed onset of symptoms, and probable dosage related reactions. In addition, just think about how many different foods, additives, and chemicals are found in the typical American diet, and then think that it can be almost any of those items and usually many (10-20) foods/chemicals are reactive!

Food sensitivities are the number one blocking to reducing belly fat!

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