Biosignature Modulation


"What is BioSignature?"

BioSignature is a novel concept in the field of functional medicine and exercise science, developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. His theory is that where people store their body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile.

For example, the thickness of one's umbilical skin fold is a reflection of one's cortisol output. It is a direct reflection of one's stress levels and their ability to handle it. Throughout the BioSignature seminar, we discuss the relationship between the levels of insulin, cortisol, thyroid, growth hormone, androgens and estrogens and each corresponding body fat skin fold. Normative data specific to male and female populations is presented.

The BioSignature seminar also includes proposed dietary plans and nutritional supplementation programs that modulate the fat storage patterns to enhance healthy body composition. Read on for more information about this session.

Here is what the experts say about BioSignature:

"BioSignature is one of the most advanced noninvasive methods available to rapidly and accurately identify insulin resistance and cardiovascular risks. This allows for onsite effective medical treatment decisions."

Dr. Mark Houston MD,MS,FACP,FAHA
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Director, Hypertension Institute, Saint Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee

"BioSignature is a revolutionary tool for the clinician who wants to individualize metabolic healing by designing protocols that have the greatest success."

Dr. Suzanne Mack, M.D., North Texas Institute of Functional Medicine.

"BioSignature offers a rapid assessment tool of one's hormonal health to individualize and monitor the patient's protocols to achieve optimal metabolic health. It combines the best of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western medical systems has to offer to the patient."

Dr. Abbas Qutab, M.D., D.C., N.D., D. Ac.

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